The Beast

Miss So and So plays, and

notes pirouette from the piano keys—

graces mary’s little lambs.  But,

ocean printrapture eludes the triangle

in a world of circles

who watch the ocean roar an opera.



From where incongruity sits, the beast growls

a spasm of bass, a float of discord.


Mr. high and mighty sermonizes

in high octane, delivering…

peals of solace that sway and

slip over pews, and puddle on the floor

as congregations of hymns

flock to see the breaching mass.


She blossoms with guilt


Wednesday’s child observed the constellation Orion from the ship’s deck and couldn’t pinpoint the exact location of evasion. It seemed to weave and bob like ocean swells. Once, she thought she caught a Glimpse, but on closer inspection found it was a Glimmer. While listening to old sea chanteys, she wondered aloud, “How is it that ideals, while jumping through hoops, form braces of fear?”




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