Learned To Let Go

My uncle, Henry, always says waves are unpredictable, like my mother. Her disappearance as he explains it or her abandonment as I describe it, still remains a mystery.

“That’s really been on my mind a lot lately,” I said.

“Get some coffee Matt,” Uncle Henry began.

His voice was deep and rough, it’s the sound of the ocean during a storm. He slid the glass door open and the cool air made me shiver. We took our coffee mugs outside on the deck that overlooks the Mendocino Coast, and watched the early morning fog drift over the water as it pulled away from the shore. Bo, his dog, stayed curled up in his bed by the fireplace.

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Creative Flow at the Shoreline

California shoreline. It’s where I love to walk and let my mind wander. It’s where some of my best writing ideas pop into my head. The Richmond shoreline that overlooks El Cerrito is a particular favorite of mine. Part of the San Francisco Bay Trail, this area inspires creativity of all kinds. I’ve seen an array of painters seated under umbrellas here and watched photographers with complex equipment aim for their best shots. And who knows how many poets, fiction writers or other creative souls I’ve passed along this path. Today, by chance, I might even return a smile from a fellow writer.




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